Valuation & Insurance Claims

It can be heartbreaking when you lose a special piece of jewellery or have something stolen. We encourage all our customers to have their most precious items insured. With our insurance valuations, we can make sure you have all the details covered on your insurance to ensure if that time ever comes, you are going to receive a claim back on the exact details of your jewellery.

Each insurance valuation will provide a detailed description of the item, and other things such as stone size, stone quality and colour. If you have lost or stolen jewellery contacts us to provide you with further information on making a claim. We work closely with your insurance company to ensure you get as close as possible a replacement of what you claimed for.

It’s also not uncommon for customers to have us provide an insurance valuation when they are sorting out estate jewellery items. At a small fee can provide you with information about the jewellery’s value.